Yum.opennms.org not accessible via ipv6

yum.opennms.org has two IP addresses:

$ host yum.opennms.org
yum.opennms.org is an alias for yum.mirrors.opennms.org.
yum.mirrors.opennms.org has address
yum.mirrors.opennms.org has IPv6 address 2a05:d014:ac:a660:2791:af0:3fab:a8cb

However, it seems traffic to 2a05:d014:ac:a660:2791:af0:3fab:a8cb gets dropped somewhere or is not accessible. Connects on ipv6 time out.

IPv4 is fine.

Relaying to our ITOPS team.

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Can you try accessing again and see if the problem persists? A change was make to the routes for that server.

Looking good now. Thanks.

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