Write Ticketing Plugin or extension


I’m in the process of integrating Opennms with our internal homemade ticketing solution.
Basicaly, I only need to POST Alarm data to the ticketing system and store the ticketId from the response.

I’ve been looking around and found that the best solution would be to use Opennms Integration API.
My goal is to create a simple OSGI feature plugin that I can add using the karaf shell.

I have basic knowledge of java developpement but absolutely not familiar with OSGI nor Maven.
If anyone could point me to a starting guide for building this plugin (I have no idea of the requierements and how to use the OIA).

Thank you


Take a look at bare bone project that you need to build a plugin using OIA. Note that OIA version may be older.

For a sample ticketer plugin, please check https://github.com/cgorantla/jira-ticketer

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Thank you for the precious links your provided.
I will try all this and post back my experience with all this.
It may be usefull for others …

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