WIPIPE-MIB compile error

The WIPIPE-MIB downloaded from cradlepoint website gives compile error:

2022-01-04T12:13:53-08:00 [INFO] Parsing MIB file /usr/share/opennms/share/mibs/pending/WIPIPE-MIB
2022-01-04T12:13:53-08:00 [ERROR] Problem found when compiling the MIB:
ERROR: Parse error: expecting LOWER, found '}', Source: WIPIPE-MIB, Row: 319, Col: 5
ERROR: Cannot find imported symbol file:///usr/share/opennms/share/mibs/pending/WIPIPE-MIB:14:9:OBJECT-TYPE in module file:///usr/share/opennms/share/mibs/pending/WIPIPE-MIB:15:19:RFC-1212, Source: WIPIPE-MIB, Row: 14, Col: 9
ERROR: Cannot find symbol GpioPinEntry, Source: WIPIPE-MIB, Row: 302, Col: 17
    SYNTAX      GpioPinEntry
ERROR: Cannot find symbol pinIndex, Source: WIPIPE-MIB, Row: 308, Col: 15
    INDEX   { pinIndex }

Expected outcome:
I want to monitor cradlepoint modems for status and alarms

OpenNMS version:
Installed version: 27.2.0

I would guess that the MIB, as downloaded, is incomplete or broken in such a way that we cannot parse it. You may be able to modify it to work around the broken sections, try removing the stanzas at lines 302 and 308 entirely.

Can you provide a link to the mib?