Where can I talk with people and find help?


If you have problems or you want to discuss how to get something to work use our Community Support.


Mattermost chat used by people in our community and also from the OpenNMS Group core developer who contributes full-time on OpenNMS

People and Timezones

We are spread around the globe, if you want you can share your timezone on Timezone.io to make it easier to coordinate with people. You can find people’s timezone on https://timezone.io/team/opennms-community.

If you want you can join the OpenNMS community. You don’t have to share your exact location, you can just use something generic like (Europe/Berlin) in your profile settings and a nickname. You can also select, just show my local time if you want to be fuzzier.


There is an annual get-together called DevJam, which is a one-week un-conference to discuss, develop, teach, and learn various topics with and around OpenNMS. You can watch the Events section in Discourse to get notified when we announce upcoming events.

Social Media