What's uei.opennms.org/internal/provisiond/nodeScanAborted?


What does this event exactly do?

A message from the Provisiond NodeScan lifecycle that a NodeScan has Aborted:

The Node with Id: 191; ForeignSource: IT; ForeignId:NODE has aborted for the following reason: Aborted scan of node due to configured policy 

I have some policies to ignore specific network interfaces:

Is that just the info, that this policy is working and ignored the veth interface?



Code inspection indicates the nodeScanAborted event is sent out when there was a problem getting with the node object after applying policies to it.

If you have INFO level logging for provisiond, you could check for a NodeInfoScan class log message: Applying NodePolicy {class}({policy}) to {nodelabel}.

Otherwise class NodeScan also aborts a scan with that message after applying policies, but it doesn’t log info messages as it applies policies to the node object.



Thanks @roskens
I guess I get so much of these events, because I’m using a Docker OpenNMS and the import files are empty, when OpenNMS starts.
So it seems to be ok in this case.