Webpages jsp customization

has any of you customize the way dashlets are showing?

For example, I would like to remove all menu , alarms and nodes panel from geographical maps so I can show only the nodes on maps and/or move the alarms/nodes from the bottom of the screen to the side

If I remember correctly there was a way to hide the Top Nav on any page by specifying ?quiet=true; adding it to the end of the OpenNMS URL
How can this be done with newer versions ( 24 )?

I am talking about http://localhost:8980/opennms/node-maps

Any help/hints and links would be appreciated


You can still add ?quiet=true to any page, however that does not seem to work for pure Vaadin applications, such as the Node Maps and Topology Maps.

Please create an issue @ issues.opennms.org, then this may be addressed.

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