Volunteers for testing docs how to build OpenNMS from source

Hello World!

while moving content into our official documentation. I’m working on the “Build OpenNMS from source” part and we want to add this to our official documentation. While working on this I’ve noticed a few moving parts and I need to find some balance between information detail and being not outdated too quickly.

I’m looking for volunteers who want to test the current state of the documentation with some feedback on what works well and where we need improvement. Ideally, you have a Debian-based operating system. If you use something else, it probably will be a bumpy ride but it might be a good chance for learning and some enlightenment :slight_smile:

The scope, we want to describe how you get from the source tree to a locally running version of OpenNMS. The story is described in JIRA NMS-13685. Additionally, we want to be able to retire various Wiki and Discourse articles with this topic which are half-heartedly maintained. Candidates are:

Not in scope for this part is setting up development environments, e.g. IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, or NetBeans. Setting up and dealing with GitHub accounts, pull request workflows.

Where do I start

Download the docs artifact from the working branch. Extract the zip file and open the index.html file with your browser.

Navigate to Development → Build from source

If you want there is a draft PR open, if you have specific suggestions, feel free to contribute there.

Don’t hesitate to ask questions and give feedback here on this topic.

One more thing …

We would like to know from you, where do you want to see these instructions? Do you want to see it in the official docs or do you prefer the README.md file in the GitHub project?

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So Long, and thanks for all the fish …

gl & hf

We got some feedback in the PR and in our chat. To address the issue of having access to the build instructions from GitHub, we have added a relative link to the *.adoc file which is rendered in GitHub pretty well. The PR is now merged in OpenNMS README and will be part of the next Meridian and Horizon release.