Using Browser Keyword Search with OpenNMS

If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can create very easy keyword searches for any kind of application. So instead of going into OpenNMS, click search you can just use the address bar with something like on srv and it will show you all servers with the string srv in it. Here is a list of searches that might be handy for your day to day work with OpenNMS. You have to replace the http://{my-opennms} part to fit your OpenNMS base URL.

gl & hf

Name Location Shortcut
Nodelable Search http://{my-opennms}/opennms/element/nodeList.htm?listInterfaces=false&nodename=%s on
IP Search http://{my-opennms}/opennms/element/nodeList.htm?listInterfaces=true&iplike=%s oip
Interface Alias Search http://{my-opennms}/opennms/element/nodeList.htm?listInterfaces=false&snmpParm=ifAlias&snmpParmMatchType=contains&snmpParmValue=%s oifa
Interface Name Search http://{my-opennms}/opennms/element/nodeList.htm?listInterfaces=false&snmpParm=ifName&snmpParmMatchType=contains&snmpParmValue=%s oifn
Interface Description Search http://{my-opennms}/opennms/element/nodeList.htm?listInterfaces=false&snmpParm=ifDescr&snmpParmMatchType=contains&snmpParmValue=%s oifd
Location Search http://{my-opennms}/opennms/element/nodeList.htm?listInterfaces=false&monitoringLocation=%s ol
Alarms Node (outstanding) http://{my-opennms}/opennms/alarm/list.htm?sortby=id&acktype=unack&limit=10&filter=nodenamelike%3D%s oan
Alarms IP Address (outstanding) http://{my-opennms}/opennms/alarm/list.htm?sortby=id&acktype=unack&limit=10&filter=iplike%3D%s oaip
Alarms Text (outstanding) http://{my-opennms}/opennms/alarm/list.htm?sortby=id&acktype=unack&limit=10&filter=alarmtext%3D%s oat
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You can do this in Chrome too! Go to Settings … Manage search engines. There will be an Add button where you can enter URLs just like in FireFox. You can also enter a Keywork to specify s shortcut.

When you want to seach, type in the keyword followed by your search term and you will get something like this:

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Thanks @mmahacek for the hint, I didn’t know it :slight_smile:

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