User group assignment seems to ignores category in group


I would like to filter notifications by categories assigned to user groups. OpenNMS seems to ignore categories that are “currently in group”. I would like to send notifications only when the node category matches one of the categories in the group.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding the purpose of the “Assign/Unassign Categories” feature. Does anyone have this working?

Home - Admin - Users and Groups - Group List - Modify Group

The assigned categories for groups as you described, is used in User Restriction Filters. When you want to send notification just for nodes in a category you have to go to “Configure OpenNMS -> Configure Notifications -> Event Notification -> Edit the Notification” and click next until you can insert a “Rule”.

In that rule you can write a Filter. For a category you have to write something like

categoryName == 'yourCategory'

When you click on “Validate Rule Results” you can verify if your nodes hit the rule as you like. Finish the wizard and the notification is only triggered when matching this rule. You can create as many Event notifications with rules as you like. In hope this helps.

Thanks for the info! It works as you describe.