Use grafana-cli to install latest Helm


The basic directions to install Helm with grafana-cli currently install Helm 2.0.0, the version that has been approved by Grafana, instead of 3.0.1.

If you want to install Helm 3.0.1 with grafana-cli, follow these directions.

  1. Copy the location to the zip file for the version of Helm you want to install from I picked 3.0.1 for this example.
  2. On your Grafana server, run sudo grafana-cli --pluginUrl plugins install opennms-helm-app (changing the zip file location if you don’t want 3.0.1).
  3. Sill on your Grafana server, run sudo service grafana-server restart to load the new plugin.
  4. If you want to check that it worked, run grafana-cli plugins ls to list all plugins with their versions on your Grafana server.

These directions can be adapted to other versions of Helm by updating the location to the zip of Helm.


The team is aware of this, and is working with Grafana to get the latest HELM in their repository.