Upgrade to 28.1.1. Newts 2.0.0 needed?


Is it only a recommendation to use newts 2.0.0 instead of 1.5.0 after a upgrade from 26.1.0 to OpenNMS 28.1.1?
Does Newts 1.5.0 still work with 28.1.1?


If you’re using newts with opennms, you don’t need any additional packages or daemons, and you need exactly nothing from the newts repository. OpenNMS already packages all the newts libraries it needs at the versions it requires.

I ask because i can see that we are using the 1.5.0 binary.

/opt/newts-1.5.0/bin/newts -D -c /opt/newts-1.5.0/etc/config.yaml

You’re the second person I’ve seen that’s running this daemon as part of their newts deployment. If you’re running newts with opennms, it’s unnecessary.