Upgrade Horizon from 26.1.0 to 28.1.1


We are planing to upgrade our system to Horizon 28.1.1 and also if it’s a good idea to bump cassandra/postgres/java and also our Minions.

Off-course will we do this in our test-env first. Is there any guide/docs that i can follow?
Can i go from 26.1.0 to 28.1.1 directly by just doing a yum upgrade?

What is recommended to use?
Postgres 12?
Cassandra 4?


OpenNMS 26.1.0
Cassandra 3.11.3
Java 11.07
Postgres 10.11
Karaf 4.2.6

CentOS 7.8

Start with Guidance to migrate configuration files on update


As far as I am aware 12 is the newest Postgres we officially support, but honestly, anything v10 or newer should work. Just be aware you’re in unfamiliar territory running newer than 12.


Latest Java 11. We don’t support 17 yet.

Compatibility is tracked here for each version: Minimum system requirements



Now we have upgraded java to 11.0.13 and OpenNMS to 28.1.1

Can’t access the webpage.

2021-11-02 09:54:35,390 ERROR [Main] o.o.n.j.JettyServer: Error starting Jetty Server
java.lang.IllegalStateException: KeyStores with multiple certificates are not supported on the base class org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory. (Use org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Server or org.eclipse.jetty.util.ssl.SslContextFactory$Client instead)

2021-11-02 09:54:04,138 ERROR [Main] o.o.n.d.s.PropertiesGraphDao: Failed to load report ‘reports=aix.cpuUtilization’
2021-11-02 09:54:35,390 ERROR [Main] o.o.n.j.JettyServer: Error starting Jetty Server

opennms -v status
OpenNMS.Eventd : running
OpenNMS.Alarmd : running
OpenNMS.Bsmd : running
OpenNMS.Ticketer : running
OpenNMS.Trapd : running
OpenNMS.Queued : running
OpenNMS.Actiond : running
OpenNMS.Notifd : running
OpenNMS.Scriptd : running
OpenNMS.Rtcd : running
OpenNMS.Pollerd : running
OpenNMS.EnhancedLinkd : running
OpenNMS.Collectd : running
OpenNMS.Discovery : running
OpenNMS.Vacuumd : running
OpenNMS.EventTranslator : running
OpenNMS.PassiveStatusd : running
OpenNMS.Statsd : running
OpenNMS.Provisiond : running
OpenNMS.Reportd : running
OpenNMS.Ackd : running
OpenNMS.JettyServer : running
OpenNMS.KarafStartupMonitor : running
OpenNMS.Telemetryd : running
OpenNMS.PerspectivePoller : running
opennms is running

Found this.

Now i can access the webpage:

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