Updating Horizon 30.0.2 to 30.0.3 - Error that I should be concerned about?

Error on screen when updating Horizon from 30.0.2 to 30.0.3

OpenNMS version:
30.0.3 on Ubuntu 20.04.5 LTS using git repository

Other relevant data:
e.g. logs from OpenNMS, error messages etc]

We know the first chown error is due to us not running PRIS. 2nd one after setting up OPENNMS-DB is the concern

chown: cannot access '/etc/opennms/provisiond-configuration.xml': No such file or directory
* fixing ownership of /usr/share/opennms/etc
* fixing ownership of /usr/share/opennms/lib
* fixing ownership of /usr/share/opennms/logs
* fixing ownership of /usr/share/opennms/share
Setting up libopennms-java (30.0.3-1) ...
Setting up libopennmsdeps-java (30.0.3-1) ...
Setting up opennms-db (30.0.3-1) ...
**chown: missing operand after ‘116:123’**
**Try 'chown --help' for more information.**
Setting up opennms-server (30.0.3-1) ...

 *** Installation complete. You must still run the installer at
 *** $OPENNMS_HOME/bin/install to be sure your database is up
 *** to date before you start OpenNMS. See the install guide and
 *** release notes for details at https://docs.opennms.com.

Setting up opennms-webapp-jetty (30.0.3-1) ...
Setting up opennms-source (30.0.3-1) ...
Setting up opennms (30.0.3-1) ...
Processing triggers for systemd (245.4-4ubuntu3.17) ..

Hello @Ninja-IX
give the result of this command /opt/opennms/bin/config-tester -a