Update direction from old version

We currently have version 23.0.2 with 238 assets being monitored.
We would like to update to the latest version and then remain current, and are wondering what the best update course would be.

Expected outcome:
We are wondering if it would be best to update the current installation to the latest version, and what the update path would be for such an old version, or if it would be better to start over with a new installation, and what the export/import process looks like.

*OpenNMS version:

Other relevant data:

First of all thanks for the effort to get updated to the current version, especially taking all the security fixes into account. In general, I would recommend upgrading always to the latest Horizon stable release unless you really have a good reason not to :slight_smile: What you want to definitely should check is the “Breaking Changes” sections of the major versions:

In 29+ we have changed Horizon to run as a non-root user, so be aware there might be additional permissions required in Linux to a) allow sending ICMP messages as a non-root user and b) if you want to bind privileged ports < 1024, like the SNMP trap listener on 162/UDP.

If you don’t see any blockers in the “Breaking Changes” sections, you can go straight from 23 to 30, our install -dis command will upgrade your database schema to the latest versions.

:warning: Before doing upgrades, make a backup of your system, so you can revert in case you miss something and you can restart from the beginning. It is also recommended to test a restore from your backup before doing an upgrade as well. Otherwise, you break your system and then you realize your backup didn’t work as expected.

We have some basic procedures documented in Basic Upgrade Steps, but if you have a highly customized setup with something different than RRDTool or JRobin, you need to take care of that separately.

Hope this helps.