Unable to receive SNMP Traps, Syslog and NetFlow

Hi Team,

I am Unable to receive traps and syslog into openNMS. moreover to that we are unable to configure Netflow data visualisation into OpenNMS. Is there anyone who have successfully configured the same and that will be very helpful to us.


Hello and welcome in our community. I have moved your question to the “Community Support” the knowledge base is reserved for articles which describe how to troubleshoot a certain problem including a solution. The “Community Support” category is for questions like yours if you want to figure out how things work.

Please tell us which version of OpenNMS you have running and the Linux distribution you use. The SNMP trap listener is enabled by default and listens on 162/udp. You can verify if you have a listening port open with ss -lnpu sport = :162. In case you have a firewall running, you need explicitly open this port to receive traps on this port.

Currently we are running on Horizon Version: 28.0.0 and our linux distribution is RHEL 8. I have verified the command output for port listen and it is listed as open on the app server.
State Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address:Port Peer Address:Port Process
UNCONN 0 0 *:162 : users:((“java”,pid=434211,fd=877))

Can you please provide some articles for SYSLOG and NetFlow configuration. That will be very helpfule for us.