Two IPs for a Single Node

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Scenario: We are using OpenNMS for a network monitoring where few nodes are connected on dual network paths, e.g. Network-A Wired and Network-B Wireless. Currently, nodes are being monitored through Network-A. If OpenNMS cannot reach the node from Network-A, there will be an outage recorded. Whereas in actual the node is up and communicating via Network-B. We are planning to connect OpenNMS with Network-B as well, to decrease the outage records and downtime.
We are monitoring on ICMP status of nodes on OpenNMS.
Question: Can we add two IPs under single node, so that if ICMP of one IP goes down, the node remain show up on OpenNMS as ICMP of second IP are available?


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Yes you can, as soon you loose just one connection you get an interfaceDown instead of a nodeDown. I think this here describes the behavior a bit more in detail: Administrators Guide

Hope this helps