Troubleshooting SNMP events

Is there a place I can check for SNMP traps received that were not captured as events ?

for example, my Dell iDRAC monitors.
I have added, compiled all the MiBs in OpenManage for the given PowerEdge servers
Generated events

but when I do test SNMP trap from the iDRAC web gui, i see no events.

Do these go to the trapd.log or somewhere else?

I’ve tailed the log,
tail -f /var/log/opennms/trapd.log
while sending the trap but see nothing.


I have port 162 open. Do I need to forward to port 10162 for horizon ?
as per:

running on centos.

Tried forwarding port 162 to 10162 and still nothing in trapd or collectd logs received.

Honestly, I’ve never had any degree of success with forwarding ports as described in those docs. I much prefer to bind OpenNMS to the correct ports in the first place than to apply janky firewall workarounds.

I assumed 162 was the correct port. I followed the setup instructions for CentOs.

I guess what I am looking for is how do I know its receiving SNMP alerts ?