Troubleshoot threshold configuration issues



A threshold alarm is not being generated.

Possible Causes

Does the metric exist?

Identify exact metrics name.

  • In SNMP datacollection config it’s mibObj alias
  • In JDBC collection it’s column alias.
  • In JMX collections it’s the attribute alias
  • In XML collections it’s the xml-object name

Metrics are stored by default in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/share/rrd/[response|snmp]/[requisition]/foreignId/.
If you can’t find rrd files for your metric, please check collection troubleshoot guide.

Wrong metric in threshold config?

Check if fields ds-type and/or expression use the correct metric (case sensitive!).
See above.

Wrong threshold filters?

Check if threshold filter in the corresponding threshold package match your nodes in threshd-config.xml.
You can also check wikis filter page:

Wrong metric unit?

Check if the metric data has the correct unit you are calculating with.
In some cases metrics need to converted. For example the load metric has to be divided by 100.
In case of SNMP metrics In best case the corresponding MIB file should explain how the metric is provided.

Syntax issues?

Run ${OPENNMS_HOME}/bin/config-tester --all for syntax validation.

Special cases

In case of expression based thresholds: beware of leading zeros in metrics name.