Troubleshoot RRD graphing issues




RRD graphs are not appearing in some way or another in the resource graph page.


If a graph is not working, the easiest way to identify the issue is, to check the logs.

  • set WEB daemon to DEBUG in ${OPENNMS_HOME}/etc/log4j2.xml.
  • use tail -f ${OPENNMS_HOME}/log/web.log while opening the graph.
  • you will find the issue in the logs

Graph does not appear at all

  • Check if graph is added to the report= section and OpenNMS was restarted
  • Check if report names are too long. Sometimes it helps to split long names with dots

Graph shows N/A

  • Check if RRD archives are present
    • It’s only possible to present values from the same report type (eg. report.mib2.HCbits.type=interfaceSnmp).
    • Hint: You can use symlinks to link metrics in RRD folders to be able to use them in the graph