Traps with notification filter


I receive the following Trap :

kmAlarmExtAlarmActiveState trap received kmAlarmExtAlarmId=EAL kmAlarmExtAlarmName=External Alarm kmAlarmExtAlarmSeverity=warning(6) kmAlarmExtAlarmAddress=/fan/alarm-3 kmAlarmExtAlarmUnitName=COGE4

The parameter “kmAlarmExtAlarmAddress” has diffrent inputs so that the value depends what input is triggerd.
Now I want to create several events which informs me which alarm is triggerd.

I create a new event in the notifications.xml: (IPADDR !='') & (IPADDR !='') & (IPADDR !='') & (IPADDR !='') & (IPADDR !='') &$ ME %nodelabel% %parm[#4]% Notice #%noticeid% 111-%noticeid% %parm[#4]% /fan/alarm-3

but I receive no mail. Can someone tell me whats the problem is? or cann tell me a better solution?
Without the varbind I receive mails but not filtered…

OpenNMS version: