Total checks/polls in opennms


Is there a way to show total checks/polls in the opennms GUI?

I can find total Nodes/Interfaces/Services in Report/Charts


Services are the same thing as checks in nagios/op5 i guess :wink:
Items in Zabbix.

If you are familiar with the Nagios world, a “Nagios Check” can does the following things, a) runs a test to verify if a service or a device component works as you expect and b) gathering performance metrics. In OpenNMS we divided this in two parts. The Pollerd runs tests as “Monitors” they are configurable and allow you define the test behaviour. Along with the test result UP/DOWN we persist also the response time or duration how long it took to execute the test. Services are polled in a configurable interval and we only document changes UP/DOWN events in the database as events and outages. The topic Service Assurance covers this in much more detail.

To gather performance data we have a dedicated daemon called “Collectd” which is only responsible to gather insights from management agents, e.g. SNMP, JMX or other protocols to get performance metrics. We call this in our world “Data Collection”. Hope this helps a bit.

Your original request is a bit open ended. What are you specifically looking to see? There may be a way to find the data you want.