Topology Maps problem

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Opennms and I have several questions / problems regarding the tools

I installed Opennms in order to automatically have a mqp representing the company’s network. The automatic discovery of the network is carried out without problem, but when I look at the maps given in result a lot of hosts are missing

Moreover some hosts have this errors :
Macs/ip addresses on Segment without node

Expected outcome:
I would simply like to have a complete map of my network automatically

Like that :

(i can put only one picture on this topic)

besides I don’t have an SVG tab in “Maps” is this normal?

OpenNMS version:
Version: 27.0.2

it is certainly not an error but more a bad handling / configuration on my part and I can not solve this “problem”.

Sorry if the question may seem “stupid”, I’m a beginner on this tool.

Thank you in advance for your help, if I forgot some information that could be for you useful tell me.


I’ve the same problem anyone has the solution ?