Topology map shows "Page Not Found" after update


Hi everyone, I’ve made an upgrade of my ONMS installation from 23.0.1 to 23.0.2. After that, I can’t visualize the topology maps and business services graphics in the Web UI. The error displayed is “Page Not Found, The page you were looking for does not exist”.

Do someone have any clue about this error ? thanks in advance.



Not that it will specifically fix your issue, but 23.0.4 was released last week.


Yes, I know about the last release, in fact I did the upgrade to 23.0.4 but the problem with maps remains.


The “Page not found” error in the Topology or Dashboard indicate you have a broken update. Here are some instructions on how to deal with this issue: Web components display "Page not found" error or admin menu items are missing.

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Hi ,Thanks for your guidelines!. I started to look into ${OPENNMS_HOME}/logs/karaf.log .I found this error has appeared many times:
java.lang.RuntimeException: Invalid boolean value: true

Error setting property: PropertyDescriptor <name: enabled, getter: class

So, I did edit and comment autoRefresh.enabled = true option in and I was able to solve this issue.

Despite that , I can’t realize why this configuration has avoided to display topology maps.