Template tokens in notifications

We would like to improve the content of notifications delivered via e-mail. Is a comprehensive list of tokens available that includes more data elements than shown on the web UI?

Specifically, we would like to see the recovery time in addition to the down time in the notification message.

Also, we would like to include the log message, such as:

Warning Low threshold exceeded for SNMP datasource (memAvailReal + memCached) / memTotalReal * 100.0 on interface, parms: label=“node” ds="(memAvailReal + memCached) / memTotalReal * 100.0" description=“Trigger an alert when the sum of the amount of unused real/physical memory plus the amount of real/virtual memory currently allocated as cached memory expressed as a percentage of total system memory reaches or goes below 5% for two consecutive measurement intervals” value=“3.12” instance=“node” instanceLabel=“node” resourceType=“node” resourceId=“node[19].nodeSnmp[]” threshold=“5.0” trigger=“2” rearm=“10.0”

See the Replacement tokens section under http://docs.opennms.org/opennms/releases/24.1.2/guide-admin/guide-admin.html#_the_eventconf_xml_file_and_its_tributaries

The following tokens are missing from the documentation:

  • descr
  • logmsg
  • shorttime
  • nodelocation
  • foreignsource
  • foreignid
  • ifindex
  • tticketid
  • asset[…]
  • pctsign
  • hardware[…]
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Thank you very much for the information. Implemented and working!