Support for JFlow

The feature list of OpenNMS (OpenNMS Feature List – The OpenNMS Group, Inc.) is listing JFlow as a compatible flow protocol, but I’m not able to find it anywhere in the Horizon docs for version 29 and 30.

I see it is part of Horizon since version 23: Re: [opennms-discuss] Flows | OpenNMS

Do anyone know how to configure a Minion to receive JFlow payloads?

**Expected outcome:Support for JFlow

**OpenNMS version:29 and 30

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It’s my understanding that JFlow is not a distinct protocol, just different branding. JFlow v5 is the same as NetflowV5, JFlowV9 is netflowV9, and jflow-ipfix is ipfix.

Thanks @dino2gnt! So theoretically if I use a UDP Listener and a compatible Netflow parser, I’ll be able to collect both Netflow and JFlow using OpenNMS?
Do you know where I can get some info about what differs between the two (if there is any real difference)?

That’s my understanding.

So far I’m not able to find anything that appears to be a credible reference for JFlow, other than several blog posts that say “JFlow is the same as NetFlowV5”. If you have more luck than me, please share, I’d love to have some better reference docs on this when customers ask this same question.