SNMPv2 provisioned in Provisioning Req, but shows as not monitored on the node

The node has an active interface that does allow SNMPv2. The community name is in SNMP.conf for the IP. The interface will SNMPWALK. After building in Provisioning Requisition, SNMPv2 shows as a service under the IP, but it is showing as not monitored. I added ICMP and that shows as monitored. I have rebuilt the service in the PR. I also restarted the app and the database.

I need SNMPv2 to work on this node.

This is OpenNMS Horizon version [29.0.8]

What is up with this thing?

You created a service named SNMPv2 and provisioned it on a node? Is that correct?

It is part of the available services in the dropdown when selecting services for an interface on the node.

Only if you added it. :slight_smile:

What is the configuration in collectd-configuration.xml for SNMPv2 ?

There is no SNMPv2 in collectd.xml. I am wondering why you asked that. It is a service like ICMP and NTP, and they are not in there either. Some of the things in the drop-down list are not exactly standard, but I don’t know where they come from.

Depends, I suppose, on what you’re trying to do with the the service and what it means for SNMPv2 to be “working”.

If you’re trying to collect performance metrics via SNMP, that requires a collector configuration in collectd-configuration.xml. For simplicity’s sake, you’d be better off deleting the SNMPv2 service form the node, adding SNMP instead, and relying on the existing SNMP data collection configuration if possible.

If all you care about is the status of the SNMP service, then you’d only need to configured a monitor in poller-configuration.xml. Lack of a poller config is why the service reports Not Monitored, but a service doesn’t have to be monitored if you’re only using it for data collection…

In this case, SNMPv2 was useless. SNMP was correct to use. The version to be used was not defined in any of the mentioned files. I was thinking (wrongly) that if someone had created SNMPv2 to be selectable in the drop-down, then it had to be already defined. But you are correct, it wasn’t. The real answer I was looking for was to simply assign the node’s IP in the /opt/opennms/etc/snmp-config.xml file with the correct SNMP version so that anytime OpenNMS accesses that node for SNMP, it would be using the correct SNMP version. Kind of simple, and thank you for stopping me from barking up the wrong tree.

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