SNMPv1 issues: duplicate hosts entries with NAT

Hi, I have NAT-ed SNMPv1 and v2 Traps that are coming to the OpenNMS, everything is fine with SNMPv2, however I got issue with SNMPv1 Traps, where payload contains real host IP address. And OpenNMS creates two entries in Node list, for NATed IP and for IP extracted from SNMPv1 payload.

Host IP address:
NATED IP address:

With SNMPv2 I have only one node in node list: ; GETs and TRAPs are stored under one node.
However with SNMPv1, I have two nodes: and, where traps are stored under: and GETs under

How to configure OpenNMS to look on packed header only, but not on packet payload?

Thx in advance