SNMP v3 is it possible

I need to integrate with snmp network element using v3, SNMP Parameters in the Quick-Add Node under Requisition is giving option between V1 and V2c only. Can we integrate using v3, I will double check but as I remember we have OpenNMS Horizon 26.1.3

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Admin β†’ Configure SNMP by IP

Don’t use Quick Add Node.

clear, thank you

an additional question to this topic. snmp trap is received (based on tcpdump) also defining the v3 specific paramiters within wireshark the trap is uncoded. Im using all of the security credentials agreed with the source of the trap but I dont have any event created in OpenNMS. I dont see any message in the log files, how to investigate?
BTW, I have updated one node/interface working before under v2 without any issue.

Make sure the credentials are correctly defined in trapd-configuration.xml and that the node exists in the inventory.