SNMP PM not working?

I have installed OpenNMS on a CentOS 7 servver, and are trying to collect performance metrics from Ciena Switches (delay, jitter, and packetloss on different services).

I have done the following:

  1. Load Ciena PM and CFM MIBs
  2. Created the datacollection/<>.xml config files for the OID’s I’m interested in
  3. Updated the datacollections-config.xml file to include these OID’s in the default profile.

But, I do not see these configs being used for PM collection. Is there anything I might have overlooked? Is there anything I can look at to confirm?


Have you read this? Troubleshoot data collections problems


I have in fact started with the Troubleshoot guide (should perhaps have mentioned it). After going through that again, I think I misunderstood the part where it was mentioned that . should only point up to the ‘Node ID’, and not the full OID of the value that I want.

I have changed that, and now I get some of the values - only the PM values, though and not the CFM values.

I have both the following in my datacollections-config.xml file:

  <include-collection dataCollectionGroup="CIENA-CES-CFM-MIB"/>

and in each one of those, I have:


It seems that it only matches on the first occurrance.

Should I combine both files into one?


Can you provide the MIB files?