SNMP Interface Poller help

I’ve read through the wiki page for “SNMP Interface Polling” and have tried to enable it within my small test environment, however it’s not working as I would may hope/expect, so am posting here for some guidance. For reference, the test instance is using Horizon 24.0.0, installed via RPM on a CentOS 7 VM.

Scenario: For a number of devices, I am needing events/alerts being generated whenever the ifOperStatus of a monitored interface changes state. To try and limit the amount of polling, only interfaces which have an ifAdminStatus as ‘Up’ would be in scope; I may reduce that scope further, over time, but didn’t want to introduce too many variables at first. Note: I am aware that, for SNMP Trap enabled devices, linkUp/linkDown traps do exist, however, in this situation, traps are not an option and so I am going with the polling approach.

From what I was understanding from the guide, since v1.9, SNMP Interface Polling is enabled by configuring a MatchingSnmpInterfacePolicy policy within the Foreign Source defintions, providing the rules around which interfaces would be within the scope to poll. I went to the Provisioning Requisitions area, under the admin section of the web UI, editted the Foreign Source Definitions and added a MatchingSnmpInterfacePolicy, with the action of “ENABLE_POLLING”, matchingBehavior “ALL_PARAMETERS”, and added a parameter for “ifAdminStatus” as “1”. I ran a sync, just to make sure any changes were made, then checked the SNMP Interfaces for the test device I had loaded, via the Rest interface; for all the interfaces that had an ifAdminStatus as 1. the Rest service showed that ’ pollFlag = “P” poll = “true” ’ was set.

I then went into an adjacent device and brought one of the links down, causing the ifOperStatus on the affected interface to go down ( and I verified that it had changed, via snmpwalk ). No events showed up, on the device, for this change. I waited a while, still no change. I then decided to run a packet capture between the OpenNMS installation and the Cisco - I could see the SNMP requests flowing between them, but none of the 5 minute poll requests were involving ifOperStatus. I’ve tried restarting the device, restarting OpenNMS, rescanning the device and looking through the logs, but haven’t found anything yet.

What else do I need to do in order to get this working? Is this still a feature or does it have to be implemented a different way? Will it work if you are monitoring a device through a Minion ( in this test, I’m not using a Minion, but will need to soon, for some other devices )

Just to follow up on this - I eventually worked it out; the instructions on the wiki mentioned needing to un-comment a service within the service-configuration.xml file, but it wasn’t commented out so I thought it was okay. Instead of commenting out, the newer format uses an attribute on the service tag to enable/disable the service; once I removed ’ enabled=“false” ’ from the SnmpPoller service and restarted, it began to work as expected.

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Can you verify which wiki document you were looking at, so we can verify and update if necessary? Glad you got it working!

SNMP Interface Poller Wiki Page

Its the section at the bottom of the page, related to enabling the service.

Just FYI, the wiki article is moved to a Discourse knowledge base wiki post: How to monitor Layer-2 interface status using SNMP