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Hi All

I am trying the SNMP-ASSET auto-discovery and I am having some issues with making it functional.

One of the major issues is that I want to create one category with multiple sysoidMask values.
Is that possible?

In addition, can I create new “asset” values as to enrich the inventory information?

Thank you
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Konstantinos Betsis


You may only specify one mask per package. (thinking you mean package when you stated “category”) So, create multiple packages with either a sysoid or a sysoidMask.

David Hustace
The OpenNMS Group, Inc.


Hi David

Thank you for the reply.

What currently works is dedicated device “package names” with the respective sysoidMask.

What confuses me is the term mask.
I would expect the sysoidMask to be a more generic match rather than a targetted.

For example, in FortiGate each device has a sysoid of .“device_specific_integer”
FortiGate ONE has .
FortiGate VM has .

Instead of creating multiple package names with the respective sysoids a mask approach would be more efficient if it could be entered like:
That would match all device sysoidMasks under that OID.

Is there any mechanism to do that?

PS1. How can I communicate to you the snmp-asset xml created as for you to include it in your default opennms deployment?
PS2. I am currently enriching the SNMP profile of the FortiGate with some additional data. Can i follow the above procedure as to communicate it back to you?

Thank you
Best Regards
Konstantinos Betsis


That’s exactly how the sysoid mask works. OID masks work in data collection config as well as this adapter. If it is not working for you like that, please report a bug with an example on how to reproduce the issue using something like a Net-SNMP agent as we don’t have access to FortiGate equipment.

David Hustace
The OpenNMS Group, Inc.


For sharing custom collection information, check out and submit a PR.

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