Send emails to groups based on Display Category

We are using the Display Category field to set which site our assets belong to. We have categories setup on the main page to show availability of our sites.

Can we setup a way so that we can send the email notification to a specific group based on which “site” the asset belongs to?

We looked into the filters section:

but we don’t have that file in /opt/opennms/etc.

The filter for notifications are configured in the Web User Interface see here:


This part in the Web UI will change the file in /opt/opennms/etc/notifications.xml. The link on the bottom “Validate Rule Results” will show you all node IP interfaces which match your current rule.

Perfect, thanks. Are you able to take one of those rules, and set the email alert to go to a specific group when that rule becomes active?

Yes this is where “Destination Paths” come into play. With “Notifications” you configure what needs to be notified over which “Destination Path”.

A “Destination Path” tells the system who (User/Group) is notified over which medium (Mail/SMS). You can add as many notifications as you want using different filters and destination paths.

Thanks, can you show me how you got that screen in your last reply? I can’t seem to find a screen like that when I go to Configure Notifications.

You have to follow the wizard until you configure the notification text and this is also the place where assign the destination path to your notification.

Wonderful, works like a charm. Thank you very much for your help!

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Thank you for such helpful responses, Indigo!

For ease of reading, the event notification node selection filter can be something like:

(categoryName = ‘Production’)

Tim Miller Dyck

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