Scheduled Outage issue - outages not being closed if OpenNMS happens to be down when end time passes

I think I’ve just discovered a problem with scheduled outages.

If a scheduled outage begins while OpenNMS is running, and then OpenNMS happens to be down when the end of the scheduled outage passes, when OpenNMS starts up again, the scheduled outage remains active.

I believe that what should be happening here, is that when OpenNMS starts, any outage that is currently active should be checked against the schedule to see if the end time for that outage has passed, and if so to close off the outage.

I suspect a similar thing may happen if a scheduled outage time frame is entered while OpenNMS is down, and the outage may not be started, however, I’m more concerned with the already started outage not ending.

OpenNMS version: 24.1.3


The scheduled outage feature needs a lot of rework.
Your suggestion sounds like a good improvement. Please create an issue on

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Issue NMS-12304 created

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