RRD Graph Y Axis Unit issue

Hi ,

I am Using Opennms Version: 26.1.1 .Regarding the Resource Graph in OpenNMS we are facing issue with Y axis autoscale.

Please find below screenshot for same.

In Above Screenshot at y axis is automatically taken β€˜m’ value by Opennms .My raw value is β€œ0.001549816” but rrd graph shows value as β€œ1.55m” i need my value at y axis as β€œ0.001549816”.
Also i tried with y axis autscale and no scale command of RRD .

Can Anyone help me with this i need to control the Y -axis.

That’s just the way rrdtool and rrdtool-compatible renderers like Backshift work. It will always rescale and there’s no way to turn it off.