Router Subinterface With IP Address Not Shown in IP Interfaces Table

A router has a subinterface on a physical interface. Call it Ethernet49/1.300.
Ethernet49/1.300 has an IP address assigned, and OpenNMS shows the interface in the SNMP Interface table with ifIndex 1152386945.
However, Ethernet49/1.300 is not in the IP Interfaces table, so we cannot configure polling on it.

Expected outcome:
Interfaces, whether physical, virtual, or sub-, with IP addresses should be added to the IP Interfaces table and be pollable.

OpenNMS version: 27.0.5

This reads like it should be in Jira. :wink:

It would be interesting to know where we can find the IP address from the subinterface? Is it in a vendor-specific MIB tree or is there a way to use something from the standard MIB-II?

Possibly, but I wanted to check whether we were doing something wrong before requesting an enhancement that might already be there but of which I am unaware :slight_smile:
I’ll move it to Jira when/if that’s the case.

Turns out the IP address we’re looking for doesn’t show up in an snmpwalk. We’ll reach out to the vendor to see if this is intended.