Requisition Policies not working ('DO_NOT_PERSIST' regex matches still being provisioned, categories ignored)

With the following policy in slot 0:
Name: Drop
Class: org.opennms.netmgt.provision.persist.policies.MatchingIpInterfacePolicy
matchBehavior : ANY_PARAMETER
hostName : ~.**

I still get nodes discovered/provisioned into this requisition that have hostnames such as

The same sort of ‘it matches, but the policy does not trigger’ happens for every single one of my requisition policies.

Eg, I have a policy that’s supposed to put hostnames that start with ~^cas9-.* into surveillance category ‘Switches’. No dice. Never triggers. ‘Switches’ is empty, but there are 30+ access switches with hostnames that start with cas9-.

I can’t find a logfile that describes the application of policies to each new node (or even the application of policies to existing nodes, if I do a synchronize) & can’t figure out how to debug this so that it actually works to exclude unwanted nodes (workstations, systems belonging to another division of the company (the reason for the hostname-name filtering) & properly categorize discovered nodes.

Try nodeLabel instead of hostName.

Here is documentation on the various policies. Policies (

The output of that policy setup is expected that the node would be added to the database but no IP addresses would be attributed to the node.
(And the previous comment about using the Label)