Replace Vacuumd with Drools


Drools Fusion can be used to replace Vacuumd. This daemon is typically associated with the alarm workflow, for this reason, it could be an integrate part of the Drools NBI, or it can be a discrete daemon as it is today.

he thing is that this engine would require to keep all the alarms in memory, because it will be up to the engine itself to decide when to retract alarms from the working memory (for example, when a nodeUp comes in, and both, the nodeDown and the nodeUp are cleared and removed). Right now, Vacuumd runs lots of queries on a regular basis, to trigger actions if the trigger queries return data. With Fusion this can be resolved without the need to constantly runs queries, but requires to have the alarms in memory.

This one depends on having a Drools NBI engine.


  • Alejandro Galue