Reload thresholds not working

Hi Everyone,

In my projetct we have opennms 16.0.2, and we are using thresholding a lot we have noticed that when we clique on “reload thresholds” it not working after editing a threshold until we restart opennms,

A checked the source code and i found that it is made as mentionned in “Thresholding Tutorial - OpenNMS” we send an event to start reloading as follow :

./ -p ‘daemonName Threshd’ \
-p ‘configFile threshd-configuration.xml’ \

or if we edit thresholds

./ -p ‘daemonName Threshd’ \
-p ‘configFile thresholds.xml’ \

i also tried to use

./ -p ‘daemonName Threshd’ \

but it does not work either.
as i know from the documentation thresholding are managed by collectd and this daemon cannot be restarted by an event and i think this is why when we restart opennms it reload thresholds correctly.

Do you have any ideas we can test ?

Thank you

The daemon reload functions got improved within the last major versions. Since you are running a very old version, it’s not easy to help you I guess.

But you could try to set collectd in log4j2.xml to debug and check if you find a hint in collectd.log.

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I strongly recommend to update to a current H28.x release. Your version is 6 years old and I can’t think of a good reason running such an outdated version in production.

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Yes i totally agree with you, but we cannot upgrade as the client didn’t ask for that.
Can you just tell me which component or daemon in opennms is responsible for restarting or reloading configurations ?

Sending a event with a parameter daemonName and a value of Threshd is correct and the expected way to reload thresholds and threshold groups.

If it’s not working, sorry. You’re running really old code that’s not supported anymore.