🎉 Release opennms-installer 1.4

The following enhancements were made in version 1.4 of the OpenNMS installer scripts for Ubuntu/Debian and CentOS:

  • Removed the hint for installing Oracle JDK 8
  • Test if there is an OpenJDK 11 Development Kit installed and give the advice to install it before running the installer
  • Added shellcheck to validate the bash script and added it to CircleCI
  • On Ubuntu 18 LTS minimal server the universe repository is not installed by default which causes dependency errors. The installer enables the repository before installing the packages
  • Give users a hint on CentOS 7 to add a firewall rule for the web application on 8980/TCP
curl -L https://github.com/opennms-forge/opennms-install/archive/1.4.tar.gz | tar xz
cd opennms-install-1.4
bash bootstrap-yum.sh # for CentOS/RHEL
bash bootstrap-debian.sh # for Debian/Ubuntu

There is currently a known issue in Horizon 24 which prevents from starting the service the first time on Debian/Ubuntu which is documented here: OpenNMS doesn't start with systemd after installing on Ubuntu/Debian.

Happy bootstrapping

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