Quick-Add Node - could we use FQDN?

Can we use FQDN instead of IP Address creating a new Node?

A valid IPv4 or IPv6 address is required - we have only FQDN.

Thank you for help


In dynamic, virtual, geographically dispersed, and load balanced environments, sometimes there are not static IP addresses for nodes. How hard would it be to add FQDN (vs. IP) as as a node identifying feature?

It seems that OpenNMS already does something similar with IPv4 vs. IPv6. Why not vs. FQDN?

DNS offers a network perspective that the the OpenNMS node model does not account for. At it’s simplest, OpenNMS monitors IP addresses and services on those IP addresses. It does not care about DNS or hostnames, and all the methods of monitoring things like site URLs and web virtual hosts are tricks to get around limitations of that model.

I can’t speak to how difficult it would be to extend the model to take that into account with any authority, I can only point out that it hasn’t been done in the 20+ years OpenNMS has been around as evidence of the complexity involved.