Provisioning without sysObjectID

Is there any way provisioning new routers if they don’t tell sysObjectID. I know they should but some cisco routers don’t? Maybe some bug at cisco, but I can’t upgrade operator routers.

13:45:08.795892 IP >  C="XXX" GetBulk(92)  N=6 M=1 system.sysDescr system.sysObjectID system.sysUpTime system.sysContact system.sysName system.sysLocation
13:45:08.797204 IP >  C="XXX" GetResponse(210)  system.sysUpTime.0=956341560 system.sysUpTime.0=956341560 system.sysUpTime.0=956341560 system.sysName.0="cisco.router" system.sysName.0="cisco.router" interfaces.ifNumber.0=22
13:45:08.864995 IP >  C="XXX" GetRequest(28)  system.sysObjectID.0
13:45:08.866006 IP >  C="XXX" GetResponse(28)  system.sysObjectID.0=[noSuchObject]
13:45:10.912660 IP >  C="XXX" GetRequest(28)  system.sysObjectID.0
13:45:10.913649 IP >  C="XXX" GetResponse(28)  system.sysObjectID.0=[noSuchObject]
13:45:12.944769 IP >  C="XXX" GetRequest(28)  system.sysObjectID.0
13:45:12.945924 IP >  C="XXX" GetResponse(28)  system.sysObjectID.0=[noSuchObject]
root@opennms:~# snmpget -v2c -On -c XXX
. = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

You can still provision without sysObjectID to add the node(s), and you can poll open ports to monitor status. But you can’t collect SNMP metrics without that value being discovered.