interface add not working

Ok so using to add requisition and node works. But then when i try and interface add no error but the interface is not added under a node.

For example:

/usr/share/opennms/bin/ --user admin --password admin interface add NB2 CPE001

When i am in GUI i can see that no interface has been added.

I am using Opennms 27.0.5 for testing. Recommended libraries for the script have been installed.

I don’t use that script. Have you considered using the REST API for doing this? This may give you a little more feedback.

Well this would have made my life easy when importing from netbox. I looked at couple of other options here snd they do not make much sense so i guess i have to come up with another way.

Have you seen this post? Importing Nodes From Netbox via PRIS

Yes i have but being the first time user of opennms i have no idea of what steps i have to take to run that. Also i prefer to go an API route since it is easier and cleaner to manage.