Proof of concept for notification indication

While reworking the Web UI to allow using Bootstrap 4 components @mvrueden did a proof of concept to indicate notifications in a better way. The current method to display notifications does not clearly differentiate and highlight outstanding notifications for you as a user and the box consumes a lot of space on the start page. Additionally, you only can see your notifications when you are on the start page.

This proof-of-concept addresses these issues to allow users to work more effectively with notifications.

There are basically two types of notifications, the outstanding ones for your logged in user and also all other outstanding ones. Outstanding means not acknowledged by any user. To keep your focus more on your outstanding notices, we decided to highlight the notices for all others less intrusive. Especially in larger teams, where you can’t do anything about it, you end up in “always red” situations and the indication adds “Alert fatigue”.

Here is a demo about it:

You can open the animated GIF in a new tab to have it in full size if this is too small as an inline image here:

Feedback would be very welcome, this is brainstorming work before we make branches and JIRA issues.

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I’ve been wary of the forthcoming GUI changes I’ve seen discussed, but this, I like.

My $0.02.

Looks very good!

I mean, it’s not uncommon to have notifications somewhere in a top panel.
Ha! Discourse has it, too. What a coincidence!

But to be honest, I don’t use notifications, since I don’t want to have alarms via mail/sms/browser notifs etc and ! because the notification page itself isn’t handy to use (filtering, searching, sorting etc).

And here my 2 cents:

Apply this proof of concept only, if you are also going to improve the notification page itself. The real usage lies in this page. This new entry point is just one piece of the total notification concept.
Don’t get me wrong: I really like this new concept! But without improvements on the notification page it’s just old stuff in a new fancy package.

Apply this proof of concept only if you are also going to improve the notification page itself.

I would completely disagree enforcing this enhancement with a rewrite of the notification table. We will never get improvements in the UI by feature creeping improvements and blocking functional independent parts on another. The only way to get the UI better is Iteration, Iteration, Iteration.

I definitely prefer 10 small steps instead of standing still and not moving at all. Just think about, just this change without rewriting the notification table is quite a good number of man-days of development without having it released yet.

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@indigo You’re absolutely right. I have to change my statement to ‘but you should also take care about the notification page itself in the next steps’ or something like that.

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I opened a proposal PR for this: