Problem with new nodes out of nowhere


Ive been using opennms for years. I had to rebuild servers to win2019, so new nodes needed tobe added. I was doing exactly the same steps as usual. I added SNMP community, added the nodes to their respective requisitions. SNMP walk worked, so I add the new nodes …I waited arround 15 minutes and nothing was happening. The new nodes dident show up. I went back to the requisisition and synch answering YES so all nodes were rescan. Opennms crashed. I rebooted and all came back, but I simply cannot add the 2 nodes. I have over 400.

If I go to delete nodes. I see them. If I go to unmanage service, I can see the nodes, but without any services … no ICMP, no SNMP.

I created a new requisition … nothing to do, my nms is broken. The existing nodes seems to be OK

Ive been running version 23 for more then 2 years without any issues. No changes were made to opennms. My poller XML file is vanilla, no custom packages.

As a matter of fact. years ago I was having fun wiht test environement, when I would create packages for testing and when they failed, the new nodes behaved exactly with what I encountered today.

any help is appreciated before I restore …

I would check your foreign source settings. are you storing by FS? If this Node has ever been discovered before that would explain the random behavior. Open a psql CLI session and query the nodes table for the device in question, then you can trace thru the services, ifservices, ipaddress tables to audit the settings and compare to your requisition.

Not sure if version 23 contains the configuration tester, but I’d start with running ${OPENNMS_HOME}/bin/config-tester -a if so.