Problem with Alarm Clearances in 23.0.3


Since upgrading from 23.0.3 we are struggling to clear alarms.

There is a maximum of 6 alarms with 60 events in total, the alarms will not clear until OpenNMS restarted.

If we query the alarms and events table there appears to be no issues the selects at search come back in good time - Therefore i am not sure that this is an issue with the database.

Once OpenNMS restarted the alarms can be cleared without an issue.

Not sure what this could be - Does anyone have any suggestions?




Looks like this is a bug:




There is a patch available in NMS-10593. The issue will be fixed in release 24.0.0.


I can confirm I’ve been using this patch since Friday and the opennms is now working as expect.

Thank you.