Problem compiling Powernet.MIB

Powernet432.MIB imports “OBJECT-TYPE FROM RFC-1212”.
(Powernet432…MIB can be downloaded from PowerNet MIB v4.3.2 - APC USA )

If you view the RFC-1212.MIB opennms comes with, it only contains this:

-- This file is just a shim to satisfy modules that
-- attempt to import the OBJECT-TYPE macro from RFC-1212
-- since OBJECT-TYPE is internally defined by jsmiparser.

And yet when compiling Powernet432.MIB this error is thrown:

2021-09-13T11:49:29+02:00 [ERROR] Problem found when compiling the MIB:

ERROR: Cannot find imported symbol file:///usr/share/opennms/share/mibs/pending/powernet432.mib:277:4:OBJECT-TYPE in module file:///usr/share/opennms/share/mibs/pending/powernet432.mib:277:62:RFC-1212, Source: powernet432.mib, Row: 277, Col: 4
   OBJECT-TYPE                                          FROM RFC-1212

I don’t know how to fix this…

Using Horizon 28.0.0

Just for reference, there is another known issue (and fix) with the powernet mib, as described here

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