Poller log is full of WARN messages

Problem: The poller log is full of those two log entries:

2020-02-01 02:54:41,981 WARN  [pool-13-thread-1149] o.o.n.d.h.IfLabelDaoImpl: No OnmsSnmpInterface found for: 18,; setting to label to 'no_ifLabel'
2020-02-01 02:54:42,594 WARN  [DefaultUDPTransportMapping_0.0.0.0/0] o.s.Snmp: Received response that cannot be matched to any outstanding request, address=, requestID=2089722999

I wonder why Iโ€™m being warned?

Expected outcome: Not sure :joy: Any hints if itโ€™s a problem I have to fix or not being so noisy.

OpenNMS version: 25.1.2