PM FM project for Polish telecom



We are offering a large FM/PM project basing on OpenNMS for Polish telecom.
On the telecom side, there is a problem with business support, meaning we might have problems with getting knowledge on the device templates, correlation rules, etc.
The first phase of the project is collecting data from NE/NEMS:
Nokia 7750 SR7/SR12
Nokia 7210 SAS-D ETR
Nokia 7705 SAR-8
Cisco 7606/7609
Cisco ASR903
Juniper T640
Juniper EX4500
Juniper EX3300
Juniper MX960
Juniper MX2010
Juniper MX480
Juniper MX204
Juniper MX10008
Cisco 10008
Cisco 12410
Cisco 7507
Cisco ASR1004
Cisco ASR1013
Cisco ASR9010
Juniper MX 10003
Nokia SAM5620
Nokia 1350
Huawei U2000

Could you provide us any support on the tempates/libraries, patterns and business knowledge?

What would be the cost of such support?

Best regards,
Joanna Lis


@Joanna.Lis I guess your project can’t be supported in the community support area. You are already asking about prices, so I would suggest to contact The OpenNMS Group for commercial support:

In general you should clarify how you can collect data from all those devices. There are many ways to collect the data, eg. SNMP, XML, HTML etc…
Then you have to create all those data collection definitions so OpenNMS knows how to collect them. Maybe some exist, maybe not. Depending on the amount of metrics this could be a lot of work.
But that’s just the data collection part (and very rudimentary explained).
You’ve mentioned other topics that go far beyond a single Discourse request.

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