OpenNMS with ad hoc MIB

We need to setup OpenNMS with monitoring and dashboards using an ad hoc MIB.
I’ve not been able to figure out a way to easily configure the system so that I can just add the node and see the metrics collected by using SNMP.

Expected outcome:
We need to have a group of dashboards and alarms to monitor our systems using an ad hoc MIB.

OpenNMS version:

If you want to collect SNMP metrics from a node, you need to setup a datacollection config file to specify which OIDs to collect. The SNMP Compiler can help automate this conversion, or you can build a file from scratch.

I’ve already compiled the MIB, created the data collection file and I can get the metrics, but I can’t find a quick way to personalize the dashboard based on the MIB I’ve imported.
It doesn’t seem like a straightforward process to me…

If you aren’t familiar with defining graphs via RRD notation, our Grafana plugin makes it pretty easy to make your own dashboards.