OpenNms (v 28.0.0) memory issue


We have to handle 50000 SNMP traps per hour.
How much memory do we need for that and how we could calculate it based on incoming events?

Could you help me , please ?

Do the traps come in via Minion, or directly to the core?

There’s no rule of thumb to calculate memory requirements, especially considering that trap processing is just one feature out of many that OpenNMS performs. How are the traps being processed? What is their final destination?

14 traps a second isn’t an unreasonable ask. Please provide details on the hardware (virtual or otherwise) that you are running OpenNMS on, and what tuning you’ve already done.

You’ll also want to discover or requisition a node with an interface of so that you can perform data collection on the OpenNMS JVM; this should give you insight into the application’s resource consumption so you know where you’re constrained.